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    • 2024-04-11 ZOZEN Coal-Fired CFB Steam Boiler Revolutionizes Industrial Applications

      ZOZEN Boiler's SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boilers have revolutionized the industrial landscape with their exceptional thermal efficiency and sustainable energy performance. Companies across diverse sectors have embraced these boilers as their preferred solution, aligning with the quest ...
    • 2024-04-11 Empowering the Textile Industry with ZOZEN Gas Steam Boiler

      The textile industry heavily relies on efficient and reliable steam supply to ensure optimal production and consistent product quality. Gas steam boiler has emerged as a vital solution, offering sustainable and cost-effective steam generation. In this article, we explore three successful projects in...
    • 2024-04-07 6-Ton Coal-Fired Steam Boiler Solution for PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory

      Surabaya, Indonesia - PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory, a prominent player in the tobacco processing industry, has successfully tackled the challenges of improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption and emissions. With the implementation of ZOZEN Boiler's cutting-edge 6-ton coa...
    • 2024-04-04 ZOZEN Boiler Empowers Soorty Enterprises with 15-Ton Biomass-Fired Steam Boiler

      Karachi, Pakistan - In a significant collaboration within the textile industry's energy solutions sector, ZOZEN Boiler has successfully supplied and installed a cutting-edge 15-ton biomass-fired steam boiler for Soorty Enterprises. This milestone project not only showcases ZOZEN Boiler&#...
    • 2024-03-28 Unleashing the Power of DZL Series Coal-Fired Steam Boilers

      ZOZEN Boiler takes immense pride in its revolutionary DZL series coal-fired steam boilers, which have garnered widespread acclaim across various industries. These boilers embody ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Let's delve into the exceptional...
    • 2024-03-28 Revolutionizing the Paper Industry: ZOZEN Boiler's Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Solutions

      The paper industry plays a vital role in the national economy, serving as a fundamental raw material industry with continuous and efficient operations. As environmental concerns and resource constraints become increasingly significant, paper manufacturers are prioritizing energy-efficient and enviro...