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    • 2023-02-02 ZOZEN Industiral Gas Hot Water Boiler Heating Project

      In late October, after days of fighting, ZOZEN's energy-saving boilers for central heating projects in Tianjin, Heilongjiang, Hebei and other places were put into operation one after another, helping the region to achieve clean heating in a large scale.ZOZEN gas-fired boiler ignites successf...
    • 2023-01-28 8000kg NG Fuel Steam Boiler Used in Carton Factory

      Wuxi Rengo Packaging Co., Ltd. was invested and established by Rengo Co., Ltd. in 2003. Founded in 1920, Rengo Co., Ltd. is the founder of corrugated box industry in Japan. At present, there are 36 factories in seven countries: China, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the United ...
    • 2023-01-17 29MW Gas Hot Water Boiler for Heating Supply

      ZOZEN provides hot water boilers for the residential area built by Harbin Investment Group. In the project, the original boiler room was rebuilt, three original 29MW coal-fired hot water boilers and their supporting facilities were dismantled, and four new 29MW gas-fired hot water boilers were built...
    • 2023-01-11 ZOZEN 29MW Gas Water Tube Boiler for Central Heating

      Tianjin Junli Heating Station was originally built with three 58MW coal-fired boilers and several heat exchange stations, which provided heating for residents in the surrounding areas in winter, with a heating area of 6 million square meters.The Tianjin Junli Heating StationIn response to the enviro...
    • 2023-01-05 ZOZEN Reciprocating Grate Biomass Wood Fuel Boiler

      Reciprocating grate boiler is a kind of solid fuel boiler with its own ignition function, which has the advantages of wide load range and sufficient combustion. The biomass reciprocating grate boiler produced by ZOZEN Boiler has been well received by palm oil factory, wood factory and aerated brick ...
    • 2022-12-14 ZOZEN Industrial Dual Fuel Steam Boiler

      Hydrogen is an ideal clean energy, and only produces water when burned with oxygen, which is green and pollution-free. if hydrogen is use as fuel for industrial boilers, that emission of carbon dioxide will be reduce at source. Recently, ZOZEN Boiler has successfully completed the hydrogen boiler pr...