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    • 2021-12-01 ZOZEN 15 Ton Biomass-fired Steam Boiler Assists to Build Industrial Chain of Chrysanthemum

      Jiangsu Yinbao Holding Group Co., Ltd invested about 78 million US dollars to build a new agriculture project in Yangma Town. The project will have two production lines and and the intelligent cold chain and storage, which will improve the production efficiency of the chrysanthemum.ZOZEN Boiler join...
    • 2021-11-24 ZOZEN Provides 6 Ton Gas Fired Steam Boiler to Malaysia Wood Materials Factory

      DOSH, short for Department of Occupational Safety and Health in Malaysia, who issues the DOSH certification. Products that have not passed DOSH certification will be refused entry by Royal Malaysian Customs. ZOZEN Boiler owns a professional international trade team and has rich experience in oversea...
    • 2021-11-17 ZOZEN Provides 6 Million Kcal Coal-Fired Thermal Oil Heater in Tanzania

      Recently, ZOZEN Boiler provided a set of YLW series coal-fired boiler to the famous manufacturing giant Saint-Gobain, the boiler ignited successfully and entered the dry-off oven stage. Successful ignition of ZOZEN thermal oil heater in TanzaniaZOZEN Boiler overcame the COVID-19 pandemicZOZEN Boiler...
    • 2021-11-11 ZOZEN Energy-saving Gas Fired Steam Boiler

      Thermal power production and supply industry is a basic industry with overall and leading influence on the development of national economy, and is a key industry supported by the state in the field of infrastructure construction. Foshan Sanshui Gaoduntai Thermal Energy Co., Ltd. was established in J...
    • 2021-11-03 6 Ton Gas Fired Boiler for Electronics Industry

      In recent years, industrial systemization has become a new trend of regional economic development. Tinghu District of Yancheng takes the electronic information industry as one of the three leading industries, and constantly cultivates and strengthens. A company called Luxcaseict in the Tinghu Distri...
    • 2021-10-28 ZOZEN 15 Ton Biomass Boiler Provided to Textile Factory

      As we all know, the cost-effective biomass fuel can burn longer with higher temperature, also, it is environmental-friendly. It has become a good-quality green fuel instead of conventional fossil energy. However, there are many kinds of biomass fuels, and the fuel characteristics vary greatly, which...