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Biotech Company Relies on ZOZEN WNS Steam Boilers for Inactivated Vaccine Production

RP Biotech was established in 1988, with 12 holding subsidiaries and 3 research institutions. RP Tianjin Biotech is one of them, which owns 4 inactivated vaccine production lines. To meet production demand, they ordered multiple WNS series gas-fired steam boilers from ZOZEN Boiler.

In the production process of inactivated vaccines, steam boilers are usually used to provide steam. Specifically, the steam boiler heats water to a high temperature, generates steam, and then delivers the steam to various steps in the inactivated vaccine production line, including sterilization, inactivation, and formulation. In these processes, steam can provide the necessary heat and sterilization to ensure the quality and safety of the vaccine. Therefore, steam boilers are one of the most important equipment in the production process of inactivated vaccines.

WNS steam boilers have the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving, safety, reliability, stable operation, environmental protection, and strong adaptability in the production of inactivated vaccines.

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