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Advancing Pharmaceutical Production with Steam Boilers

In the pharmaceutical industry, steam boilers play a crucial role in various processes, ensuring the production of high-quality and safe medications. This article presents three real-life examples where renowned pharmaceutical companies have leveraged steam boilers to enhance their operations. Through efficient and eco-friendly steam generation, these companies have achieved significant advancements in their production processes while meeting stringent environmental standards.     

Ringpu Bio-Tech: Empowering Vaccine Production with WNS Series Gas Steam Boilers

Founded in 1988, Ringpu Bio-Tech has emerged as a leading pharmaceutical company with a strong focus on vaccine production. In collaboration with ZOZEN Boiler, Tianjin Ringpu Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. procured multiple units of the WNS series gas steam boilers. These boilers serve a vital role in the production of inactivated vaccines by generating high-pressure steam. The steam is then utilized throughout various steps, including sterilization, inactivation, and formulation. With its exceptional energy efficiency, reliability, and adaptability, the WNS series boilers enable Ringpu Bio-Tech to optimize its vaccine manufacturing process, ensuring both quality and safety.

瑞普高科(天津)生物技术WNS6、8 (3)_副本.jpg

 WNS Series Gas Steam Boilers

Hapharm Group: Overcoming Environmental Challenges with SZW Series Coal Steam Boilers

As a prominent player in the pharmaceutical industry, HGPF is a key national antibiotic production base and a large-scale pharmaceutical enterprise. To meet their steam requirements while adhering to strict environmental regulations, Hapharm Group chose the SZW series coal steam boilers from ZOZEN Boiler. Notably, these boilers are known for their compact structure, efficient layout, and compliance with international environmental standards. By adopting a mechanical grate combustion system, the SZW series boilers offer excellent fuel burning efficiency and high thermal efficiency. This selection not only ensures Hapharm Group's production needs are met but also provides a practical and effective solution to environmental concerns.


Changbaishan Pharmaceutical: Sustainable Biomass Steam Boilers for Energy Conservation

With a focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical has demonstrated its commitment to meeting higher production standards while minimizing energy consumption. As a modernized high-tech pharmaceutical company, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical primarily produces traditional Chinese medicine products. Steam plays a vital role in sterilizing raw materials, equipment, and instruments at high temperatures during both Western and Chinese medicine production. To cope with increased production demands, Changbaishan Pharmaceutical decided to install a new 10-ton biomass steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler. The SZW series boiler, tailored specifically to pharmaceutical industry requirements, optimizes combustion by utilizing pharmaceutical waste as fuel. This results in improved fuel utilization efficiency, reduced operating costs, and increased sustainability for the company.

The pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on steam boilers to ensure the quality, safety, and efficiency of various production processes. Through the showcased cases of Ringpu Bio-Tech, Hapharm Group, and Changbaishan Pharmaceutical, it is evident that ZOZEN Boiler's steam boilers provide the ideal solution for pharmaceutical companies seeking reliable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient steam generation. By leveraging these advanced boiler technologies, pharmaceutical manufacturers can achieve significant advancements in their operations while meeting stringent regulatory requirements, ultimately contributing to the betterment of global healthcare systems.

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