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ZOZEN Boiler Empowers Three Key Projects in the Feed Industry with Coal Fired Steam Boiler

ZOZEN Boiler's coal fired steam boilers have played a crucial role in empowering three key projects within the feed industry. The SZL series boilers, known for their high quality, efficiency, and customized solutions, have proven instrumental in meeting the industry's demanding requirements. 

With a focus on modern agriculture, animal husbandry, and food production, New Hope has recently constructed a state-of-the-art feed facility in Jambi, Indonesia, with an annual capacity of 120,000 tons. During the feed production process, various heat treatment procedures such as processing, drying, and sterilization are essential. These operations require a substantial amount of heat energy, and the temperature stability and quality of the heat source significantly impact the production efficiency and quality of the feed. Consequently, steam boilers play a vital role in the feed industry by providing high-quality, high-temperature, and stable steam, ensuring the smooth operation of feed production.

New Hope Group has chosen to partner with ZOZEN Boiler for the procurement of an SZL series coal fired steam boiler, specifically the SZL6-ton model, for their Indonesian facility. The SZL series features a chain grate structure with a dual-layered grate support, ensuring balanced force distribution and stable operation. Furthermore, the water-cooled wall design enhances stability and ensures the safety of the boiler.

In another successful venture, ZOZEN Boiler collaborated with its overseas agent, MCC Ltd, to secure a significant project in Bangladesh's feed industry. RRP Agro Farm's, a prominent feed producer, recognized the dependability of ZOZEN's SZL series chain grate coal-fired boiler and chose it to provide safe and efficient heat support for their production line. The project marked the first environmentally friendly coal-fired boiler project completed through the partnership between ZOZEN Boiler and MCC Ltd. To meet RRP Agro Farm's environmental requirements, ZOZEN customized the SZL coal fired steam boiler system with a dual-dust removal design, combining multi-tube dust removal and water film dust removal technologies. Additionally, by incorporating multiple independent air chambers and adjustable air dampers in the boiler base, ZOZEN ensured precise air distribution for optimal fuel combustion, thus enhancing fuel efficiency. The boiler's production process also demonstrated ZOZEN's commitment to quality, with automated assembly lines and over 80% CNC machining, guaranteeing the precision and excellence of the SZL coal fired steam boiler.

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SZL series coal fired steam boiler 

In Pakistan, where the feed industry is rapidly growing, Zubair Feeds decided to expand its production capacity and sought a more efficient steam boiler system to ensure stable operation and high-quality feed. Seizing the opportunities presented by the Belt and Road Initiative, ZOZEN Boiler leveraged cross-border e-commerce to engage in international trade successfully. ZOZEN secured a partnership with Zubair Feeds, which aimed to reduce operational costs by co-firing coal with rice husks, turning agricultural waste into a valuable resource and improving the company's economic benefits. Understanding the characteristics of the "lignite coal + rice husks" fuel combination, ZOZEN customized an SZL series steam boiler system tailored to Zubair Feeds' specific production requirements. With features such as optimized feeding hopper and appropriately designed grate width and length, the SZL coal fired steam boiler achieved over 5% higher thermal efficiency compared to conventional boiler systems, ensuring efficient heat conversion. The installation of the boiler is currently underway in Lahore, Pakistan, with technical support provided by ZOZEN Boiler's on-site personnel. Zubair Feeds expressed high praise for ZOZEN's expertise and services throughout the process.

With a commitment to excellence and a focus on environmental sustainability, ZOZEN Boiler continues to drive innovation and provide reliable solutions for the global market.

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