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ZOZEN SZS Series Gas Steam Water Tube Boiler Revolutionized the Rubber Industry

In the rubber industry, gas steam water tube boilers play a crucial role in providing a stable heat source for processes such as drying, calendaring, and vulcanization. Recognized as a leading industrial boiler manufacturer in China, ZOZEN Boiler has been dedicated to delivering high-quality products and exceptional services to numerous rubber product manufacturers. Among these manufacturers, Sichuan Haida Rubber Group Co., Ltd. stands out as a national backbone enterprise engaged in the research, operation, and production of automotive tires. With a wide range of tire products, including all-steel commercial radial tires, semi-steel passenger radial tires, and bias commercial tires, the Haida Rubber Group offers over 25 series and more than 1,000 specifications. By 2020, the Haida Rubber Group aims to achieve an annual tire production capacity of 17 million sets, with its high-quality and stable products widely recognized by domestic and international customers.

Driven by the increasing prominence of environmental issues, the Haida Rubber Group, as a national high-tech enterprise, has taken on the responsibility of enhancing environmental protection by investing in eco-friendly equipment and facilities. To achieve this, the Haida Rubber Group decided to implement a coal-to-gas conversion project for its boilers. After extensive research and evaluation, the Haida Rubber Group partnered with ZOZEN Boiler and procured a set of SZS series gas steam water tube boilers. These boilers feature a fully membrane water-cooled wall structure in the combustion chamber, ensuring smokeless operation without pollution. The spacious furnace, combined with advanced low-NOx burners, guarantees NOx emissions below 30mg/m³. Additionally, ZOZEN Boiler installed energy-saving devices at the boiler's flue outlet to achieve a thermal efficiency of over 98%, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction for a greener and low-carbon development.

Furthermore, another prominent tire manufacturer, Double Coin Group (Chongqing) Tire Co., Ltd., has also chosen ZOZEN Boiler's SZS series gas superheated steam boiler system. Double Coin Group, established in 2007, is one of the four major production bases of Shuangqian Tire Group Co., Ltd. To meet its production demands, the company ordered a 35-ton SZS series gas superheated steam boiler system from ZOZEN Boiler. Superheated steam boilers are widely used in tire manufacturing processes for tasks such as hot-press molding, cleaning, drying, heating, and air conditioning within the production facilities. These boilers provide the necessary high-temperature steam required for the manufacturing processes and support the comfort within the premises.

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SZS series gas steam water tube boiler

With ZOZEN Boiler's 35-ton gas superheated steam boiler system, Double Coin Group benefits from its high efficiency, energy-saving features, and low emissions. This enables the tire company to reduce energy and resource consumption while minimizing its environmental impact, achieving sustainable production and development.

Moreover, SCEI Distributed Energy Systems Co., Ltd. has embarked on a coal-to-gas environmental project in collaboration with ZOZEN Boiler. The project aims to replace coal-fired boilers with natural gas boilers for Sichuan Kailiwei Technology Co., Ltd., a major player in tire production and sales. Steam heat is essential in the tire manufacturing process, and the use of clean energy is a crucial step towards environmental protection. ZOZEN Boiler provided the customer with three units of SZS series natural gas steam water tube boilers.

The SZS series gas steam water tube boilers from ZOZEN Boiler have revolutionized the rubber industry by optimizing efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability. Through this partnership, rubber manufacturers such as the Haida Rubber Group, Double Coin Group, and KaiLiWei Technology have achieved cleaner and more efficient production processes, reducing their carbon footprint and contributing to a greener future.

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