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Gas Steam Boilers in the Non-Ferrous Industry

Gas steam boilers play a pivotal role in the non-ferrous industry, providing reliable heat energy for various processes such as smelting, drying, and production. This article explores three real-world projects where gas steam boilers have been successfully implemented, showcasing their efficiency, customization, and environmental benefits. These projects highlight the significance of gas steam boilers in the non-ferrous industry and their contribution to energy savings and sustainability.


ZOZEN 30-ton gas-fired steam boiler

Jiangxi Copper Corporation Limited - 40-ton SZS Series Condensing Gas Boiler Project

Jiangxi Copper Corporation Limited, a leading enterprise in the non-ferrous metals industry, relies heavily on electricity and steam during the copper smelting process. Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency, they selected ZOZEN Boiler's 40-ton SZS series condensing gas boilers. These boilers feature a D-type fully membrane wall structure and narrow-spaced, water-cooled walls for improved sealing and reduced heat loss. With high-quality insulation materials and efficient heat control, the boilers achieve exceptional thermal efficiency, effectively minimizing energy waste.

Tianqi Lithium - Gas Steam Boiler Project for Technical Upgrades

Tianqi Lithium, a prominent player in the lithium-based new energy materials industry, prioritizes energy-saving measures during production. They sought to upgrade their steam boilers in their Sichuan production base to enhance capacity and efficiency. ZOZEN Boiler, renowned for its energy-efficient solutions, won the bid by offering cutting-edge gas steam boilers. The SZS series boilers, equipped with advanced combustion technology and energy-saving devices, ensure over 98% thermal efficiency. This successful partnership led to ZOZEN Boiler securing additional projects with Tianqi Lithium, further solidifying their commitment to sustainability.

Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB) - Customized Gas Steam Boiler for Lithium Carbonate Plant

Bolivia, known for its vast lithium reserves, developed the Uyuni Salt Flat as a strategic resource for the lithium industry. Yacimientos de Litio Bolivianos (YLB), a state-owned lithium mining company, built a lithium carbonate plant in the region. To support the commercialization of lithium resources, YLB required a reliable heat source for their industrial processes. ZOZEN Boiler's expertise in customization and technical prowess allowed them to provide a tailored solution. Considering the high-altitude location, ZOZEN Boiler's SZS series gas steam boiler was specially designed with optimized combustion, increased furnace volume, and convective heating surfaces. Additionally, corrosion-resistant coatings were applied to withstand the salt-alkali environment, ensuring long-term performance.

Gas steam boilers have become indispensable in the non-ferrous industry, enabling efficient and sustainable operations. The showcased projects demonstrate the successful integration of gas steam boilers, emphasizing their role in energy savings, environmental protection, and customized solutions. ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to innovation and customer-centric approach has made them a trusted partner in the non-ferrous industry. With their advanced technologies and expertise, ZOZEN Boiler continues to provide reliable and efficient gas steam boilers that meet the evolving needs of the non-ferrous industry, supporting sustainable development and enhanced productivity.

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