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8 TPH Biomass Wood Fired Boiler for Paper Making Enterprise

In the fierce market competition, the professional brand ZOZEN Boiler innovates and upgrates the biomass boiler technology, and has attracted the attention of users in various industries. In the paper industry, the application of ZOZEN biomass fired boiler is increasing day by day.

ZOZEN biomass boiler is used in various industries

ZOZEN biomass boiler is used in various industries

Feasibility analysis of biomass boiler in paper mill

Paper industry costs a large amount of steam, steaming, extraction, drying and other processes need a lot of steam support. How to ensure the stable supply of steam and control the cost reasonably is the fundamental problem that paper mills need to solve. Biomass boiler has no gas pipeline fees, therefore, the biomass boiler has become a new choice for papermaking enterprises.

Although biomass fuels have a wide range of sources and low cost, the diversity of fuels also brings some technical challenges to boiler manufacturers. At the initial stage, most biomass boilers were transformed from coal-fired boilers, which were easy to cause many problems such as furnace arch, furnace door collapse, grate burning loss, low thermal efficiency and unstable heat supply.

ZOZEN Boiler took the lead in researching and developing biomass boiler, and obtained the company's first biomass boiler patent in 2008-boiler using bio-energy as fuel, with patent number ZL200720038485.9. The company also set up a biomass fuel research project in conjunction with colleges and universities, and upgraded the boiler structure many times, making the product performance more and more excellent.

ZOZEN Boiler creates professional biomass boilers

ZOZEN Boiler creates professional biomass boilers

With the application of biomass boiler projects in food, building materials, tire and textile industries, the advantages of ZOZEN Boiler with sufficient output and high thermal efficiency have been effectively verified, and it has become famous in the market. At the same time, the exhausted gas treatment system selected according to different fuel flue gas components belongs to green low-carbon technical equipment, which has the conditions for popularization and application in the paper industry.

ZOZEN biomass boiler assists paper making enterprise for energy transformation

Recently, a domestic paper mill selected ZOZEN biomass boiler for its new production line. Under the guidance of the technical personnel, the boiler system has been installed completely, and passed the hydrostatic test, then it began the drying furnace process. With the drying furnace process, the water content in the furnace wall reduces, which lays the foundation for the stable operation.

ZOZEN biomass steam boiler on site

ZOZEN biomass steam boiler on site

The project adopts a set of 8 ton biomass steam boiler system. The furnace is combined with the combustion chamber and the grate. The heat energy released by burning on the fuel grate is absorbed by the water in the water cooling wall and convection tube bundle, to generate steam with required pressure and temperature.

In addition to the international water level safety settings, ZOZEN biomass steam boiler is also equipped with extremely low water level electrode protection, which is interlocked with the drum and induced draft fan to ensure the water level safety of the boiler during operation.

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