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10-ton Three-pass Gas Steam Boiler from ZOZEN Boiler for Enhanced Concrete Curing

Jiangsu Fangyuan Pile Industry Co., Ltd., a renowned manufacturer with over five decades of experience, is dedicated to producing high-quality concrete and pre-stressed concrete components. In their continuous pursuit of improving production efficiency and product excellence, the company recently integrated the advanced ZOZEN WNS series 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler into their manufacturing process.

Optimizing Concrete Curing with ZOZEN WNS Series Boiler:

Concrete curing is a critical process that significantly impacts the strength and durability of concrete structures. Recognizing its importance, Jiangsu Fangyuan Pile Industry Co., Ltd. has partnered with ZOZEN Boiler to incorporate their cutting-edge WNS series 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler. This advanced boiler ensures precise and consistent steam supply, creating optimal conditions for efficient and effective concrete curing.


10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler

Enhanced Concrete Quality:

10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler from ZOZEN Boiler guarantees superior concrete curing by delivering stable and uniform steam. With its efficient heat exchange technology, the boiler maintains an ideal moisture and temperature balance within the concrete components. This results in improved concrete quality, with enhanced strength and durability in the final structures.

Efficient Steam Generation:

High-quality steam is crucial for promoting proper hydration reactions in concrete curing. ZOZEN's WNS series boiler excels in steam generation, providing steam with exceptional temperature stability and cleanliness. By avoiding surface defects such as pores and cracks caused by subpar steam quality, the boiler enhances production efficiency while ensuring the integrity and safety of the concrete curing process. This ultimately leads to increased productivity and improved product rates.

Smart Features for Seamless Operation:

The WNS series 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler is equipped with advanced IoT capabilities, enabling remote control and intelligent management. This feature allows for unmanned operation, reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency. The smart system also facilitates convenient maintenance, ensuring uninterrupted performance throughout the concrete curing process.

Commitment to Sustainability:

ZOZEN Boiler's 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler incorporates low NOx burner technology and advanced low nitrogen combustion techniques. This ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations, with NOx emissions minimized to ≤30mg/Nm³. The boiler's design, including a corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tubes, optimizes heat transfer efficiency. Additionally, economizers and condensers are utilized to reduce exhaust gas temperatures, promoting energy savings and environmental sustainability.

By integrating the high-efficiency 10-ton three-pass gas steam boiler into their production process, Jiangsu Fangyuan Pile Industry Co., Ltd. is revolutionizing concrete curing. With its stable steam supply and advanced technology, this innovative boiler ensures superior strength and durability in concrete structures. Choose ZOZEN Boiler for your concrete curing needs and experience the future of sustainable construction.

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