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ZOZEN Coal-Fired CFB Steam Boiler Revolutionizes Industrial Applications

ZOZEN Boiler's SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boilers have revolutionized the industrial landscape with their exceptional thermal efficiency and sustainable energy performance. Companies across diverse sectors have embraced these boilers as their preferred solution, aligning with the quest for efficiency and environmental responsibility. This article explores three remarkable projects where the SHX series boilers have played a pivotal role in empowering industries with their cutting-edge technology and green credentials.

内蒙古科然生物高新技术SHX25-1.6-H (11)_副本.jpg

25-ton SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boiler

Keren Biotechnology's Peptide Production Facility:

Inner Mongolia Keran Biological High-tech Co., Ltd., an industry leader in soybean deep processing, required a reliable steam boiler solution to support its high-capacity soy peptide production line. ZOZEN Boiler recommended the SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boiler, renowned for its low-temperature combustion and superior desulfurization efficiency. Equipped with an advanced high-temperature cyclone separator and innovative air preheater, this boiler achieved enhanced overall thermal efficiency while minimizing fuel costs. Its unique air chamber design provided flexibility for ignition methods, catering to the specific needs of the enterprise, thus ensuring uninterrupted and efficient production processes.

Gulin Xiantan Winery's Distillation Process:

Sichuan Gulin Xiantan Winery Co., Ltd., renowned for its production of premium Chinese liquors, sought a high-efficiency and environmentally friendly steam boiler for its fermentation and distillation processes. ZOZEN Boiler's recommendation was the SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boiler, lauded for its outstanding thermal efficiency and environmental performance. The optimized separator structure effectively captured finer unburned particles, facilitating multiple-cycle combustion and significantly reducing carbon content in the flue gas. This breakthrough technology enabled the boiler to achieve an impressive thermal efficiency of over 89% while maintaining nitrogen oxide emissions as low as 100mg/Nm3. Thanks to its advanced clean coal technology and direct desulfurization capabilities, this boiler provided the perfect solution for sustainable liquor production.

Fengrun Chemical's Silica Production Facility:

Sanming Fengrun Chemical Co., Ltd., a leading producer of silicon dioxide (silica) with wide-ranging applications, set out to find an efficient and eco-friendly steam boiler solution. ZOZEN Boiler's SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boiler emerged as the ideal choice, renowned for its adaptability to low-calorific-value coal and exceptional combustion efficiency. The boiler's low-temperature combustion and direct desulfurization capabilities ensured reduced nitrogen oxide emissions and simplified desulfurization processes, aligning perfectly with Fengrun Chemical's environmental standards. Moreover, the excellent quality of the resulting ash facilitated comprehensive utilization without secondary pollution, contributing to improved economic performance and sustainable silica production.

ZOZEN Boiler's SHX series coal-fired CFB steam boilers have emerged as the go-to solution for industries seeking efficient and sustainable steam generation. With their exceptional thermal efficiency, reduced emissions, and advanced desulfurization capabilities, these boilers empower companies to achieve their production goals while minimizing their carbon footprint. The success stories of Keren Biotechnology, Gulin Xiantan Liquor Company, and Fengrun Chemical demonstrate the transformative impact of the SHX series boilers in driving efficiency and sustainability across diverse sectors. As industries increasingly prioritize energy efficiency and environmental responsibility, ZOZEN's SHX series boilers continue to lead the way, revolutionizing industrial operations while preserving our planet for future generations.

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