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Customer Cases

YQL Series Gas-fired Vertical Thermal Oil Heater

Case name: YQL series gas-fired vertical thermal oil heater

Company name: Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co., Ltd.

Location: Thailand

Equipment: YQL-7000-Q

Project boiler medium: HMO (Heat medium oil)

Capacity: 6 million kcal

Customer Feedback

We learned through the Internet that ZOZEN Boiler was a professional industrial boiler manufacturer in China. Via the field visit, we had a deeper understanding of the corporate strength and boiler products of ZOZEN Boiler. The YQL series gas-fired thermal oil heater introduced from ZOZEN Boiler would become the essential heating equipment on our rice vermicelli production lines. Thanks for ZOZEN Boiler!


Case Info

Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory Co., Ltd., founded in the 1830s in Thailand, is mainly engaged in the production, processing, sales and export of rice products. Its main products are rice flour, glutinous rice flour, rice starch, glutinous rice starch, stuffed straight, which are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in the world and are favored by customers. As is known, a stable heat source and precise temperature control can affect the taste, quality and output of rice vermicelli products. In order to ensure the quality of rice vermicelli, the company ordered the YQL series gas-fired thermal oil heater produced by ZOZEN Boiler to meet the requirements of precise temperature control.

ZOZEN YQL series gas-fired thermal oil heater adopts the three-pass round coil structure which can effectively enhance the radiant heat transfer and improve the boiler thermal efficiency. What’s more, this series of boiler is also equipped with advanced combustion equipment and intelligent control system, which can realize the precise temperature control and has a good safety performance to provide the stable heat supply for the rice vermicelli production lines. It is also worth mentioning that ZOZEN also establishes the professional service center in Thailand to provide services including installation guidance, technical consulting and after-sales maintenance for local customers. This time, the delegation of Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory was invited to the production base of ZOZEN Boiler and highly recognized the high-quality boiler products and comprehensive boiler services of ZOZEN. Finally, the two parties successfully reached the cooperation on the YQL series thermal oil heater project.

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