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Energy-saving Measures of Industrial Coal-fired Boilers

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Coal-fired boilers are applied in various industries for the industrial and civil uses to generate steam and hot water. The steam is mainly used for production and the hot water is mainly used for heating and daily use.

Energy-saving Measures of Coal-fired Boilers

1. Sufficient combustion. Ensure the sufficient combustion of coal with a reasonable air supply.

2. Exhaust gas temperature. Lower the exhaust gas temperature of coal-fired boilers to reduce the heat loss.

3. Automation improvement. Improve the automatic control of coal-fired boilers to ensure the efficient and safe operation of boiler.

4. Pollution discharge. Do a good job on boiler pollution discharge and cleanup to avoid boiler coking, fouling and scaling problems.

5. Coal type. The coal type should be chosen according to the boiler type and fuel requirements.

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