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What are the Characteristics of Thermal Oil Heater?

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Thermal oil heater, also called organic heat carrier boiler, provides heat energy for production by heating the heat medium oil. It can realize the high-temperature and low-pressure heating without constant water supply. What are the characteristics of the thermal oil heater?

The Characteristics of Thermal Oil Heater

1. Design. It is a kind of once-through boiler developed based on the design idea of strong circulation.

2. Fuel. It can be fired by fuels such as gas, oil, coal, biomass and so on.

3. Temperature. It adopts the thermal oil pump to force the medium conducting the circulation in the liquid phase. The medium transfers the heat energy to the heating equipment and then returns to the furnace for being reheated. The thermal oil heater has the advantage of high-temperature and low-pressure heating.

4. Maintenance. The thermal oil heat system has high heat utilization rate and is convenient for operation and maintenance. The closed heating cycle is connected to the atmosphere, which can extend the boiler service life.

5. Structure. It adopts the coil structure with sufficient heating surface.

6. Eco-friendly effect. It adopts the low-NOx burner to realize the sufficient fuel combustion, which has a good eco-friendly effect.

7. Automation. It can realize the fully automatic control via the advanced equipment such as computer controller with the touch screen and digital computer controller. It has the functions including automatic temperature regulation, automatic ignition and maintenance for differential pressure, over-temperature and overheating.

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