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What are The Precautions for Commissioning of Gas-fired Boilers?

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Gas-fired boilers are widely applied for civil use and in the industry with high thermal efficiency and good eco-friendly performance. What are the precautions for the commissioning of newly installed gas-fired boilers?

The precautions for the commissioning of gas-fired boilers

1. Fuel. Before using the boiler, you should check whether the fuel gas meets the requirements. The fuel gas which does not meet the requirements can not be used. In addition, you should ensure that the gas supply pipes and valves are unblocked and without leakage.

2. Water supply. The boiler water supply system should be complete and normal. The boiler water should be qualified to meet the standards. You should conduct water quality monitoring as well.

3. Control. Gas-fired boilers mostly adopt the PLC control system. You should check whether the indicator lights, touch buttons for boiler starting and stopping are in good condition.

4. Commissioning operator. You should arrange the commissioning operator in a reasonable way and check all kinds of tools for the boiler commissioning. After the commissioning is done, you should make a comprehensive check to avoid dropping down the tools or boiler parts.

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