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ZOZEN 15 Ton Biomass Boiler Provided to Textile Factory

As we all know, the cost-effective biomass fuel can burn longer with higher temperature, also, it is environmental-friendly. It has become a good-quality green fuel instead of conventional fossil energy. However, there are many kinds of biomass fuels, and the fuel characteristics vary greatly, which causes a series of problems, such as dirt and dust, insufficient combustion and output in a large number of biomass boilers in the market.

ZOZEN Boiler makes great structure optimization in the perspective of the customer

To solve the above-mentioned problem, ZOZEN Boiler builds the third generation --- ZOZEN DZL tri-drum biomass boler. ZOZEN Boiler consumes a lot of manpower and material resources to optimize the structural design of three drums, so that the boiler can operate normally for a long time.

Shipment site of ZOZEN tri-drum biomass boiler

Shipment site of ZOZEN tri-drum biomass boiler

The market response of ZOZEN tri-drum biomass steam boiler is good

Xinyi Weaving Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that produces and sells chemical fiber fabrics, cotton textiles, silk fabrics and chemical fiber raw materials. The stable heat source provided by the industrial boiler plays a vital role in the production process. Through in-depth communication with the person in charge of the customer, ZOZEN Boiler recommended DZL series tri-drum biomass steam boiler for the production line. One of the characteristics is that the ash falling hopper is arranged in the middle of the lower part of the flue, so that there is no blind spot. Therefore, the boiler can run normally for a long time, and the frequency of ash removal during shutdown can be greatly reduced.

ZOZEN tri-drum biomass boiler running in the customers plant

ZOZEN tri-drum biomass boiler running in the customer's plant

The structural optimization of ZOZEN DZL series tri-drum biomass steam boiler has reached a higher level in terms of technical performance and environmental protection indicators. After the on-the-spot investigation, the person in charge of the customer was very satisfied with the production line, product quality and team service of ZOZEN Boiler, and reached strategic cooperation with ZOZEN Boiler on the spot.

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