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ZOZEN Steam Boilers Revolutionize the Brewing Industry

ZOZEN Boiler's steam boilers have emerged as a game-changing solution for the brewing industry worldwide. With their high efficiency, reliability, and advanced control systems, these boilers are redefining production standards and addressing the growing need for sustainable energy solutions. This article highlights three real-life case studies where ZOZEN steam boilers, specifically the SZL, SZS, and NWNS series, have played a pivotal role in enhancing productivity, ensuring stable steam supply, and reducing energy consumption for breweries.

Kouzi Liquor Industry: SZL Series 20-ton Coal-Fired Steam Boiler Project

Kouzi Liquor Industry, a renowned national liquor producer in China, recognized the importance of optimizing their boiler system to improve energy efficiency and economic benefits. To meet their expanding production needs, Kouzi Liquor collaborated with ZOZEN Boiler and selected the SZL series 20-ton coal-fired steam boiler (SZL20-1.25-AⅡ). ZOZEN Boiler implemented localized improvements in the air and water supply processes, increasing the boiler's air and water temperatures to reduce the cost per ton of coal used for steam production. This project resulted in significant coal savings and improved overall economic performance for Kouzi Liquor.


SZS series gas-fired steam boiler

Wuhechun Bio-Tech: SZS Series 30-ton Mixed Gas Steam Boiler Project

Wuhechun Bio-Tech, a comprehensive chemical product manufacturer in Anhui, China, required a reliable steam supply for their alcohol production line. They turned to ZOZEN Boiler and opted for the SZS series gas-fired steam boiler, which offered the flexibility to use a combination of natural gas and biogas as fuel. The SZS series boilers are designed to accommodate various gases and liquids, ensuring a stable and efficient combustion process. Equipped with a dual-fuel burner, the boiler seamlessly switches between different fuel sources, guaranteeing high safety standards and operational simplicity. Wuhechun Bio-Tech benefited from the boiler's high thermal efficiency, stable steam output, and overall energy savings.

Yaozhihe Brewing: NWNS Series 10-ton Gas-Fired Steam Boiler Project

Hubei Yaozhihe Chuwengquan Liquor Industry Co. Ltd., required a stable steam supply to maintain consistent heating during the brewing process. To address this need, ZOZEN Boiler proposed the installation of two NWNS series 10-ton gas-fired steam boilers (where 'N' indicates the condensing type). The NWNS series is renowned for its reliability and has been widely adopted in the brewing, chemical, and food processing industries. These boilers feature advanced pressure control technology, ensuring precise temperature and pressure regulation for the brewing process. Additionally, the high-efficiency heat exchange design of the boiler not only guarantees brewing quality but also results in significant energy savings and reduced production costs for Hubei Yaozhihe Chuwengquan Liquor Industry Co. Ltd..

ZOZEN Boiler's steam boilers are revolutionizing the brewing industry, offering efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solutions worldwide. The case studies presented demonstrate the significant impact of these boilers in enhancing productivity, ensuring stable steam supply, and reducing energy consumption for breweries. With their advanced control systems, high thermal efficiency, and flexible fuel options, ZOZEN Boiler's SZL, SZS, and NWNS series steam boilers are driving sustainable and prosperous operations in the brewing industry. Embracing technologies like gas-fired steam boilers will continue to be instrumental in achieving a more sustainable future for breweries worldwide.

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