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Upgrade to Environmentally Friendly Energy Structure with 15-Ton Biomass-Fired Steam Boilers

Shandong Daye Co., Ltd., a prominent player in the wire products industry, has invested 10 million RMB to upgrade their energy structure and meet international environmental requirements. As their trusted partner, ZOZEN Boiler has provided them with two 15-ton SZL series biomass-fired steam boilers. This article highlights the project's key features, emphasizing the optimized energy structure, improved stability, efficiency, and substantial cost savings achieved through this upgrade.

Optimized Energy Structure:

The 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers offered by ZOZEN Boiler are compatible with various fuels, including biomass pellets, rice husks, wood chips, corn cobs, and sawdust. Whether for industrial or commercial applications, ZOZEN Boiler efficiently converts these fuels into thermal energy, meeting diverse energy needs in different scenarios.

By utilizing biomass as fuel, the 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers provided by ZOZEN Boiler reduce reliance on fossil fuels. This upgrade significantly decreases environmental pollution, aligning with Shandong Daye's commitment to sustainable practices.

Enhanced Stability and Efficiency:

These boilers are an ideal choice for those seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions. With a water-cooled wall tube structure arranged in a dense pattern, they achieve thermal efficiency surpassing 86%. The large radiation area efficiently absorbs and transfers the heat generated during combustion, enhancing heat exchange efficiency and significantly reducing energy waste and fuel costs.

山东大业SZL15 (8)_副本.jpg

ZOZEN15-ton biomass-fired steam boiler

Shandong Daye previously relied on external steam supply, posing a risk of disruptions in their production process. ZOZEN Boiler's solution not only guarantees stable steam supply but also improves overall operational efficiency. The installation of the 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers ensures reliable and continuous steam generation, enabling uninterrupted wire products manufacturing.

Significant Economic Benefits:

The 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers feature a chain grate and independent air chamber design, enabling uniform and thorough fuel combustion. By optimizing air distribution and incorporating multiple independent air chambers, combustion efficiency is further improved. This design not only reduces fuel costs and enhances combustion efficiency but also ensures compliance with environmental regulations for the company's production processes.

The operation of these two boilers will generate up to 200,000 tons of steam annually for Shandong Daye, resulting in estimated cost savings exceeding 20 million RMB per year. This substantial cost reduction brings significant economic returns to the company, making it a worthwhile investment.

About ZOZEN Boiler:

ZOZEN Boiler has successfully developed the "ZOZEN Information Management Platform," which encompasses research and development, production, management, and the entire business chain. This platform greatly enhances the product quality and delivery efficiency of the 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers, effectively meeting customer demands and solidifying ZOZEN Boiler's core competitiveness in the biomass boiler market.

ZOZEN Boiler provides comprehensive support with full-process services, including order confirmation, installation guidance, commissioning, maintenance, and repairs. Customers can rely on their expertise to ensure efficient and reliable operation of the biomass-fired steam boilers.

By leveraging the advantages of biomass as fuel and the advanced features of the 15-ton biomass-fired steam boilers, Shandong Daye is poised for continued success in the wire products industry.

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