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6 Million Kcal Thermal Oil Heater for Tanzania Building Material Industry

On June 7,2021, Wuxi ZOZEN Boiler Co., Ltd. and Saint-Gobain Group cooperated in the thermal oil heater project of Tanzania factory, which had entered the final inspection link before delivery.


ZOZEN Boiler Cooperated with Saint-Gobain Group

ZOZEN Boiler Cooperated with Saint-Gobain Group

The acceptance team of Saint-Gobain Group came to the plant for the final acceptance

At 8:00 a.m., more than 2 hours left before the planned inspection of goods. Ms. Hu Xin, the sales manager of ZOZEN Boiler, arrived at the production base early to double check the sales order report and drawings. At the same time, Ms. Hu also inspected the auxiliary machinery warehouse to confirm that all equipment has been ready for the inspection, the customer could check and accept the goods upon arrival.

After the acceptance team of Saint-Gobain Group arrived at the production base, the sales staff of ZOZEN Boiler led them to the warehouse directly. With the assistance of the quality inspection personnel of ZOZEN Boiler, the acceptance team measured the overall dimensions of the boiler body and auxiliary equipment one by one, especially the dimensions of the interface flange, which shall be consistent with the drawings to ensure that there is no error in the subsequent installation. Previously, the acceptance team of Saint-Gobain Group also confirmed the acceptance of important processes such as hydrostatic test.

After a series of careful and strict measurement, the results showed that all the equipment of ZOZEN Boiler had passed the acceptance test, and the dimensional accuracy was high. According to the original plan, this set of thermal oil heater would be sent to the Tanzania factory of Saint-Gobain Group after the Dragon Boat Festival (June. 14th). After having the thermal oil heater of ZOZEN Boiler in place on site, it could be put into operation only by connecting the pipeline, valve and control circuit.


The customer was measuring the size of boiler flue

The customer was measuring the size of boiler flue 

Brand influence of ZOZEN Boiler promotes the cooperation

As one of the world's top 100 industrial enterprises, Saint-Gobain Group was established in 1665. It is a multinational enterprise integrating the design, production and sales of practical materials. Its main business consists of five major aspects: flat glass, glass packaging, building products, building materials distribution and high-functional materials. The company has production enterprises in 67 countries around the world, and also has its own gypsum board production line in Tanzania. It is a large-scale local contractor for shopping malls, residences and urban infrastructure.

The former thermal oil heater used in the Tanzania plant of Saint-Gobain was produced in India, but it was damaged by fire due to quality problems after being used for a period of time. Shanghai Procurement Department of Saint-Gobain Group recommended ZOZEN Boiler to Tanzania branch, which made the two sides successfully contact and successfully signed a supply and marketing contract for a set of YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater.

After deep communication, ZOZEN Boiler recommended a set of YLW series coal-fired thermal oil heater for Tanzania plant. This series of boiler adopts the square coil structure. The manufacture of square coil pipe in pipe bender to pre-bend and then butt joint. No forced shaping. In addition, the boiler is equipped with various energy-saving equipment such as waste heat boiler, economizer, air preheater, etc. The thermal efficiency is over 85%, with the high degree of automation, the boiler can easily meet the high requirements of users for boiler performance.

 ZOZEN YLW Series Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater

ZOZEN YLW Series Coal-fired Thermal Oil Heater

With strong technical strength and sound sales network, the brand influence of ZOZEN Boiler in the global market is increasing gradually. The establishment of cooperation between ZOZEN Boiler and Saint-Gobain Group shows the brand influence of ZOZEN Boiler.

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