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6-Ton Coal-Fired Steam Boiler Solution for PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory

Surabaya, Indonesia - PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory, a prominent player in the tobacco processing industry, has successfully tackled the challenges of improving production efficiency and reducing energy consumption and emissions. With the implementation of ZOZEN Boiler's cutting-edge 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler solution, the factory has revolutionized its operations, emphasizing a commitment to sustainability.

Tobacco processing is known for its energy-intensive nature, heavily reliant on steam for critical processes like baking and humidification. Recognizing the significance of stable and high-quality steam supply in achieving superior product outcomes, PT. BINTANG sought a boiler system that could meet their demanding requirements while optimizing energy utilization.

ZOZEN Boiler's 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler emerged as the ideal solution for PT. BINTANG's needs. This innovative boiler system not only fulfilled the factory's substantial steam demand but also excelled in efficiency and environmental performance. Designed with Surabaya's climate conditions and locally available fuel types in mind, the boiler demonstrated remarkable stability and reliability, even in challenging environmental circumstances.

The 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler from ZOZEN showcased a range of key features that significantly contributed to the success of PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory. Let's delve into each feature in detail:

Adaptability to Various Fuels: One of the standout characteristics of the boiler was its seamless accommodation of multiple coal types. Whether it was bituminous coal, lean coal, or even smokeless coal, the boiler effortlessly handled these variations, ensuring uninterrupted operations. This adaptability to different fuel types provided PT. BINTANG with flexibility and reliability in their production processes.


6-ton coal-fired steam boiler

Optimal Fuel Combustion: ZOZEN's advanced chain grate and independent air chamber design empowered the boiler to achieve efficient and thorough fuel combustion. This innovative combustion system maximized energy utilization, extracting the maximum amount of heat from the coal. By effectively utilizing the fuel, 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler enhanced overall efficiency and minimized waste, leading to cost savings for PT. BINTANG.

Superior Thermal Efficiency: The boiler's densely arranged water-cooled wall tube structure played a crucial role in achieving superior thermal efficiency. This design feature provided a large radiation heat transfer area, allowing for efficient heat exchange between the combustion gases and the water. As a result, the boiler achieved an impressive thermal efficiency exceeding 80%. This high thermal efficiency translated into reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions, aligning with PT. BINTANG's sustainability goals.

User-Friendly Operation: Equipped with an advanced control system, 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler offered a user-friendly operation that streamlined crucial processes. The automated fuel supply, ash removal, and slag discharge operations eliminated the need for manual intervention, saving time and effort for PT. BINTANG's operators. The advanced control system also provided real-time monitoring and adjustments, ensuring optimal performance and enhancing operational convenience.

The successful implementation of ZOZEN Boiler's 6-ton coal-fired steam boiler brought significant benefits to PT. BINTANG Tobacco Factory. Leveraging ZOZEN's technical expertise and support, the factory achieved enhanced energy utilization efficiency and reduced environmental impact, reinforcing its commitment to sustainability. The boiler's unwavering stability and reliability solidified PT. BINTANG's position as an industry leader, poised for continued growth and success.

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