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3 Million Kcal Coal Fired Thermic Fluid Heater Helps Vietnam Shoemaking Industry

Rubber has good thermoplastic and elasticity, it is one of the raw materials for producing sports shoes, leather shoes, rubber shoes and other footwear. Most of the rubber shoe manufacturing processes require a large amount of heat energy supply, and each process has different temperature and pressure requirements. If the heating temperature is not standard, it will also lead to undercooked or overcooked rubber and unqualified shoes.

Application analysis of thermal oil heater in shoemaking industry

In order to ensure the stability of heat supply, large shoe material factory choose self-provided thermic fluid heater for production heat supply. The working principle of the thermal oil boiler is to use the heat transfer oil as the medium, and use the hot oil circulating oil pump to force the medium to carry out liquid phase circulation, so as to transfer the heat energy to the heat equipment. Heat transfer oil has a large heat capacity, which can realize low-pressure and high-temperature heating, and the heating temperature reaches 320℃; also, the working temperature can be precisely controlled by an automatic control system.

ZOZEN organic heat transfer boiler is reliable, safe and efficient

ZOZEN organic heat transfer boiler is reliable, safe and efficient

ZOZEN's organic heat transfer boiler in Vietnam

In order to meet the production heat, Vietnam Saibolin Shoes Material Co., Ltd. signed a contract with ZOZEN Boiler for a set of 3 million kcal coal-fired thermic fluid heater.

The on-site installation in Vietnam

The on-site installation in Vietnam

This set of boiler adopts the square coil horizontal chain grate structure. The boiler body is designed with reasonable heating surfaces. The width, length and air distribution system of boiler grate can ensure stable combustion of common coal and biomass fuel.

In terms of heating system design, ZOZEN coal fired thermal oil boiler is equipped with mechanized operation system and various interlocking devices, which is easy to operate and has high safety coefficient. Through the control system, the boiler fuel supply, ash and slag operations are automated. The boiler is equipped with alarm interlocking devices such as temperature and pressure of heat conduction oil, exhaust temperature, liquid level of expansion tank, safety valve, etc., which can ensure the safety of the boiler in many aspects.

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