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10 Million kcal Biomass Thermal Oil Heater in Building Materials Industry

Established in 2007, a prominent building materials company in Hebei Province has rapidly grown into a large-scale enterprise with an impressive total area of 80,000 square meters and a fixed capital of 50 million yuan. With three template production lines boasting an annual output of 2 million water templates of various specifications, the company sought to meet its energy needs while actively embracing environmental initiatives. To replace traditional energy supply methods, they required a reliable, efficient, and versatile boiler product.

Addressing the client company's unique requirements, ZOZEN Boiler customized a cutting-edge 10 million kcal biomass thermal oil heater. This specialized heater allows the full utilization of the company's by-products as fuel, significantly improving energy utilization efficiency and environmental performance. The thermal oil heaters in this series feature a reciprocating grate structure, which ensures efficient operation and seamless energy conversion in perfect harmony with the client's chosen by-products.


10 million kcal biomass thermal oil heater

Furthermore, ZOZEN Boiler's assembly design brings exceptional convenience to the building materials company in Hebei. Once the boiler components are transported to the site, they can be effortlessly connected to pipelines, valves, and control circuits, enabling swift initiation of normal operation. This streamlined installation process substantially reduces the installation period and cost, saving valuable time and resources for the esteemed customer.

The 10 million kcal biomass thermal oil heater offered by ZOZEN Boiler brings numerous advantages to the table. It is specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of fuels, including biomass pellets, ensuring flexibility and adaptability to the client's specific requirements. The advanced automation level of the system allows for easy maintenance and minimizes the need for extensive operational and maintenance personnel.

One of the notable features of the 10 million kcal biomass thermal oil heater is its state-of-the-art control system. Equipped with precision temperature and pressure control, the system ensures a safe and worry-free operation. This advanced control system guarantees optimal performance, enhances energy efficiency, and provides users with peace of mind.

ZOZEN Boiler takes great pride in its commitment to exceptional after-sales service. The company's team of dedicated experts stands ready to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout the entire lifecycle of the product. From installation assistance to ongoing maintenance and repair, ZOZEN's professional technicians ensure that customers receive the highest level of care and satisfaction.

In conclusion, the introduction of the 10 million kcal biomass thermal oil heater by ZOZEN Boiler showcases a significant advancement for the building materials company in Hebei Province. With its remarkable efficiency, versatility, and environmentally friendly operation, this customized solution perfectly aligns with the client's objectives. ZOZEN's assembly design streamlines installation, while the advanced control system ensures precise temperature and pressure management. By choosing ZOZEN Boiler, the esteemed customer can look forward to exceptional performance, reduced energy costs, and a sustainable future.

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