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What are The Water Quality Standards for Gas-fired Boiler?

Whether the water quality in the gas-fired boiler reaches the required standards is directly related to the safety, performance and service life of boiler. The water must be treated before the boiler operation. However, what are the water quality standards for the gas-fired boiler?


25 ton szs gas fired boiler

Water Quality Standards for Gas-fired Boiler

1. Water oxygen content. Different boilers have certain differences in water quality requirements due to different types and parameters. For example, the feeding water oxygen content of 6tph steam boiler should be lower than or equal to 0.05mg/L. Failure to meet this requirement will cause the boiler corrosion and reduce the service life and durability of boiler.

2. Water acid-base property (PH). The PH value of boiler’s feeding water should be within the range of 8.5-9.2 and the PH value of water in the boiler should not be lower than 9. Failure to meet this requirement will cause the boiler corrosion to some extent.

3. Water suspended solids. Water suspended solids will affect the anti-scaling effect after the chemical treatment in the boiler. Therefore, suspended solids in the raw water should be controlled about 5mg/L after clarification and filtration.

4. Water hardness. The chemical treatment of boiler requires that the water hardness should be lower than 4mmol/L.

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