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What are the Precautions for Normal Use of Gas-fired Boilers?

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When using the industrial gas-fired boilers, daily boiler operation and management should be paid attention to ensure the safe and stable boiler operation, so as to guarantee the daily production of workshop.

Precautions for daily operation of gas-fired boilers

1. Standard setting. Gas-fired boilers are mostly operated via the PLC control system. Therefore, boiler setting should be operated in accordance with the factory instructions to make the boiler work within the range that meets the requirements.

2. Water level and quality. Check whether the boiler water supply facility is normal, whether the boiler water level meets the requirements, whether the water quality meets the standards, and ensure the water is deoxidized.

3. Fuel supply. The gas pipeline should be kept unblocked and the burner can be ignited.

4. Pollution discharge. The boiler drainage should be frequent, less and balanced.

5. Boiler shutdown for maintenance. If the boiler needs to be shut down for a long time, boiler maintenance should be done such as pressure maintenance, wet maintenance, dry maintenance, and gas-filled maintenance.

Precautions for daily management of gas-fired boilers

1. Qualified boiler operator. The boiler operator should be certified and regular training is necessary for the boiler operator to learn the latest boiler knowledge and management skills.

2. Clean boiler room. The boiler room should keep clean. Fire source, flammable and explosive materials should be prohibited in the boiler room.

3. Boiler inspection. Check whether there is any abnormal noise during the boiler operation, and stop the boiler for inspection and maintenance if necessary to avoid accidents.

4. Boiler record. Besides the data statistics of boiler’s control system, daily boiler maintenance should also be recorded.

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