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How to Use the Gas-fired Hot Water Boiler Safely?

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There are many applications of hot water boilers. With the environmental protection requirements become stricter, the hot water boilers are mostly gas-fired. Therefore, it is important to know how to use the gas-fired hot water boilers safely.

The precautions for the safe use of the gas-fired hot water boiler

1. Feed water. Check whether the water in the boiler and system is full and whether the water gauge is sensitive enough to prevent the boiler from dryout due to water shortage.

2. Pipeline. Check whether the gas supply pipeline is leaking and whether the used gas pressure matches the boiler.

3. Burner. Ensure that the burner of the gas-fired hot water boiler can work normally after ignition.

4. Boiler external. Check whether the boiler external is damaged. All the insulating layers should be complete and the explosion-proof door should be in good condition and be closed tightly.

5. Water treatment equipment. Ensure that the water softening plant and deaerating plant of boiler can work normally.

6. Safety accessories. The boiler safety accessories such as the safety valve should be inspected in a careful way.

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