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What are Precautions for the Water Treatment of Gas-fired Boilers?

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The high heat transfer of the boiler requires good medium. With the improvement of boiler in the production technology and intelligenlization, gas-fired boilers have more strict requirements for boiler operation medium in order to improve the boiler operating performance, reduce boiler failures and costs.

The precautions for the water treatment of gas-fired boilers

1. Chemicals. There are various chemicals for boiler water treatment, so customers should pay attention to their quality and effects.

2. Equipment maintenance. Ensure the stable and reliable operation of boiler water treatment equipment by dealing with problems such as corrosion and blocking of pipe orifices and valves.

3. Water treatment technology. Gas-fired boilers have high requirements for water quality. Customers can adopt sodion exchange to deal with the raw water with high hardness and alkalinity.

4. Water quality inspection. Conduct regular boiler water quality inspection to ensure that the water quality always meets the boiler water standards.

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