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How to Deal with the Water Shortage Problem of the Gas-fired Boiler?

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In the operation of gas-fired steam/hot water boiler, it need continuous water supply to ensure the water volume in the drum. Once water shortage occurs, it will cause the boiler dry burning problem, which will further result in the boiler failure and other problems.

The measures for the water shortage problem of the gas-fired boiler

1. Stop the electrical machinery. Stop the forced draft fan, induced draft fan, grate gear reducer according to the specified values when the boiler is at a low water level. If series water shortage and dry burning occur, one should not add the water immediately to avoid more series accidents. 

2. Control the feed water flow. When the gas-fired boiler is short of water, feed water flow should be smaller than the steam flow.

3. If the water shortage is caused by the cracking of boiler tube of economizer pipe, it is not necessary to add too much water to the boiler because the steam flow is large.

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