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ZOZEN Boiler Delivers Efficient and Reliable 35-Ton Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler Solution

ZOZEN Boiler, a renowned industrial boiler manufacturer in the Chinese domestic market, partnered with Zhejiang Redrock Group Heat&Power Co., Ltd. (" Redrock Group Heat&Power Company") to provide an efficient and reliable energy solution. With a total installed capacity of 10 MW and a heating capacity of 300 t/h, Redrock Group Heat&Power Company has established a strong presence, serving over 160 customers and covering more than 50 kilometers of heat network pipelines, with an annual output value of 150 million RMB.

In response to the growing demand for green energy, ZOZEN Boiler installed a SZS series 35-ton natural gas fired steam boiler for Redrock Group Heat&Power Company. This collaboration showcases ZOZEN Boiler's expertise in the energy equipment industry and highlights the company's commitment to prompt responsiveness and efficient service.


This advanced 35-ton natural gas fired steam boiler system by ZOZEN offers exceptional thermal efficiency, ensuring maximum utilization of fuel and reduced operating costs. Its ample output capability meets the demands of various industrial processes, providing a continuous and reliable supply of high-quality steam. With its clean combustion technology, the boiler minimizes harmful emissions, contributing to a healthier and greener environment. The system operates fully automatically, continuously monitoring and adjusting parameters for optimal efficiency and safe operation. Furthermore, intelligent energy management systems optimize energy usage and equipment performance, further reducing energy consumption and costs. Equipped with comprehensive safety measures, the boiler ensures secure and reliable operation. ZOZEN's advanced boiler system stands as a reliable and sustainable solution, delivering efficient and environmentally friendly steam generation for industries worldwide.


红石梁热电SZS35 (7)_副本.jpg

35-ton natural gas fired steam boiler

The SZS series gas-fired fast assembly boiler by ZOZEN consists of the boiler body, connecting flue, burner, steam-water system, instruments, energy-saving device, and condenser. The 35-ton natural gas fired steam boiler body is factory-assembled, ensuring convenient transportation and installation. Once in place, users simply need to connect the water supply, gas supply, and electrical accessories, conduct a brief inspection and adjustment, and the boiler is ready for operation, promptly restoring stable steam supply for Redrock Group Heat&Power Company. Additionally, ZOZEN gas-fired boilers undergo rigorous non-destructive testing and hydrostatic testing before leaving the factory, ensuring superior quality.


Highlights of the Collaboration:

1. Rapid response to customer needs: ZOZEN Boiler swiftly delivered the 35-ton boiler after contract signing, demonstrating the company's efficiency and commitment to meeting customer requirements.

2. Quick installation and commissioning: ZOZEN Boiler's professional team completed the installation and commissioning of the 35-ton boiler within 20 days of its arrival, surpassing industry standards even in challenging weather conditions.

3. Stability and reliability: ZOZEN's solution replaced the previous non-ZOZEN boiler, resolving operational instability issues. The new boiler ensures a stable heat supply during peak load periods, benefiting the entire industrial park.


ZOZEN Boiler's delivery of the efficient and reliable 35-ton natural gas fired steam boiler solution has addressed the energy needs of Zhejiang Redrock Group Heat&Power Co., Ltd. With its quick response, fast installation, and superior stability, ZOZEN Boiler continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing exceptional and sustainable energy solutions.

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