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ZOZEN 3 Million kcal Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heater for Chemical Industry

Fuzhou Yuechun New Materials Technology Co., Ltd., a renowned high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of organic amine intermediates and specialty additives, is taking a significant step towards enhancing its competitive edge in the new materials industry. In line with their commitment to stability and efficiency, Yuechun Technology has initiated a project to expand its production capacity by a staggering 6,000 tons per year. To meet the demanding thermal energy requirements of their manufacturing processes, the company has turned to ZOZEN Boiler for their innovative solution: the cutting-edge 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater.

The Role and Significance of the Boiler

Accurate temperature control stands as a pivotal factor in ensuring the unparalleled quality of Yuechun Technology's organic amine intermediates and specialty additives. With its exceptional thermal efficiency and unwavering heat energy output, 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater from ZOZEN Boiler offers a reliable heat source that guarantees the continuous production and high standards that Yuechun Technology upholds. Furthermore, this advanced boiler series boasts state-of-the-art combustion technology and an automated control system, not only improving energy utilization efficiency but also adhering to stringent environmental regulations by achieving low-emission operation. By aligning with Yuechun Technology's sustainable development strategy, it provides unwavering support for their future growth.


3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater

The Professional Advantages of ZOZEN Boiler

ZOZEN Boiler's decision to introduce the 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater showcases their profound expertise and unwavering commitment to technological innovation within the realm of high-end manufacturing. From the project's inception, ZOZEN Boiler has actively collaborated with Yuechun Technology, gaining an in-depth understanding of their specific requirements and on-site conditions. Consequently, ZOZEN Boiler has tailored an energy solution that precisely caters to Yuechun Technology's needs. Upholding stringent standards and rigorous requirements throughout the entire process, from boiler design and production to installation and commissioning, ZOZEN Boiler ensures the seamless delivery and outstanding performance of the boiler system, earning them the complete trust and recognition of their esteemed customer.

The Product Advantages of ZOZEN Boiler

Featuring an advanced control system, 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater allows for precise regulation of oil temperature and pressure, providing a worry-free and safe operation. By incorporating fully automatic intelligent control, the boiler ensures convenient maintenance and unmanned operation. The horizontal structure of the boiler enables easy installation and maintenance, further simplifying its operation and upkeep. Moreover, ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to environmental sustainability is evident through the implementation of advanced low-nitrogen combustion technology, resulting in nitrogen oxide emissions as low as 30mg/Nm³.

Comprehensive Services for Customer Satisfaction

ZOZEN Boiler goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive services that cater to the specific needs of their customers. Their end-to-end service encompasses everything from order confirmation and installation guidance to commissioning, as well as assisting users with maintenance, upkeep, and management. With their round-the-clock telephone consultation service, ZOZEN Boiler ensures that customer inquiries are promptly addressed, minimizing any potential losses incurred due to equipment failures. The company also conducts planned inspections, follow-ups, and a series of comprehensive maintenance and upkeep services for all their customers, delivering a proactive approach to customer satisfaction. ZOZEN Boiler values customer feedback and requirements, providing dedicated and top-notch services while humbly declining any form of gratuity.

As Fuzhou Yuechun New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. expands its production capacity, the introduction of ZOZEN Boiler's 3 million kcal gas-fired thermal oil heater promises to revolutionize energy efficiency within the industry. 

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