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Reliable 2tph Light Diesel Steam Boiler for Mencast in Singapore

The maritime and oil and gas industries require efficient and reliable solutions for handling hazardous waste. Singapore-based global leader in repair and refurbishment solutions, Mencast Holdings Ltd., has been in search of a high-performing, safe boiler to meet their needs. After careful evaluation and comparison with multiple boiler suppliers, they chose the 2tph light diesel steam boiler by ZOZEN Boiler.


The WNS Series boiler from ZOZEN Boiler is renowned for its high quality, excellent performance, and reliability, making it the ideal choice for Mencast. With certifications from ASME and the Singapore MOM, this boiler meets rigorous quality and safety standards. 


With the ASME certification, 2tph light diesel steam boiler has undergone thorough inspections, tests, and evaluations to demonstrate its compliance with the stringent requirements set by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. This certification signifies its excellence in boiler manufacturing and provides Mencast with the assurance of investing in a reliable and top-quality boiler. Furthermore, the boiler has also received certification from the Singapore MOM, which confirms its adherence to local safety regulations and standards. This certification ensures that the WNS series boiler meets the necessary safety requirements for operation in Singapore, prioritizing the well-being of personnel and the surrounding environment.


ZOZEN 2tph light diesel steam boiler incorporates a condensing economizer, which utilizes the residual heat in the flue gas expelled from the boiler's rear. This innovative feature raises the inlet water temperature while lowering the exhaust gas temperature. As a result, more thermal energy is effectively utilized, boosting the boiler's thermal efficiency to over 98%. This remarkable improvement ensures higher efficiency and reliability in boiler operation.


The threaded smoke tubes developed by ZOZEN Boiler are the fruit of years of research and innovation. Manufactured using fully automated spinning and pressing processes, these tubes are optimized to achieve the lowest flow resistance while maximizing the heat transfer coefficient. Compared to conventional smoke tubes, the threaded design increases the heat transfer coefficient by 1.4 times, significantly enhancing the boiler's thermal efficiency. This advancement supports enterprises in achieving their cost reduction and efficiency enhancement goals.



ZOZEN 2tph light diesel steam boiler


ZOZEN 2tph light diesel steam boiler stands out as an environmentally friendly solution for Mencast's operational needs. With its advanced low-nitrogen combustion technology and low-nitrogen burner, this boiler effortlessly achieves ultra-low nitrogen oxide emissions while ensuring compliance with strict regulations. By prioritizing environmental sustainability, Mencast  sets a positive example for other businesses, highlighting the importance of eco-friendly practices in achieving long-term success.


One of the standout aspects of the collaboration with ZOZEN Boiler is their exceptional after-sales service. Their engineers promptly respond to customer needs, providing technical support and guidance to ensure the smooth operation of the boiler. Mencast appreciates ZOZEN Boiler's professionalism and responsiveness, which strengthens their partnership and serves as a reference for other prospective clients.


The 2tph light diesel steam boiler by ZOZEN Boiler stands out as an efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly solution for Mencast's requirements. As Mencast continues to thrive, their positive experience with ZOZEN Boiler sets a benchmark for others in the industry seeking a top-notch boiler solution.

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