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Introducing ZOZEN 1.5tph Gas Steam Boiler for Beverage Packaging Industry

Sheenstar, a prominent supplier of beverage packaging solutions, has chosen ZOZEN Boiler's acclaimed WNS series 1.5tph gas steam boiler to revolutionize their operations. This boiler, certified by the prestigious American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), ensures the highest standards of design, manufacturing, and testing, making it an ideal choice for the global market.


Sheenstar specializes in water treatment systems, filling production lines, carbonated beverage production and filling lines, juice production and filling lines, and 5-gallon bottled water production lines. In the beverage industry, steam plays a crucial role in various applications such as filling production lines, bottle washing equipment, filters, sterilization devices, and hot water circulation systems.


For Sheenstar's project in the United States, the WNS series 1.5tph gas steam boiler has undergone rigorous testing and received certification from the globally recognized American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). This certification guarantees that the boiler's design, manufacturing, and testing meet stringent technical standards and regulatory requirements. ASME certification holds immense importance as it ensures compliance with international standards and facilitates market entry, enhancing the brand reputation and credibility of Sheenstar.


ZOZEN is one of the best modern boiler manufacturers in China, the products include steam boilers, hot water boilers and thermal oil heaters. ZOZEN boiler is located in Wuxi, covers 150 thousand square meters of production area, equipped with first-class production equipment, passed the ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification. The company gained the " S " and " U " steel seal from ASME of US.



WNS series 1.5tph gas steam boiler


Fully Automatic and Safe Operation:

The WNS series 1.5tph gas steam boiler guarantees fully automatic and safe operation through its integration of IoT technology. With remote control capabilities and expert management, users can conveniently monitor and adjust the boiler's settings from a remote location, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing risks.


System Thermal Efficiency >98%:

1.5tph gas steam boiler is designed for exceptional thermal efficiency, surpassing 98%. It achieves this through the integration of a corrugated furnace and threaded smoke tubes. These features maximize the heat transfer surface area, allowing for efficient heat exchange and improved energy utilization. Additionally, energy-saving devices and condensers are incorporated into the system, further reducing exhaust temperatures and increasing overall thermal efficiency. This results in reduced fuel consumption and lower operational costs while maintaining a high level of performance.


Advanced PLC Control System:

The WNS series 1.5tph gas steam boiler is equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC control system. It incorporates functions such as automatic water level adjustment, load control, exhaust temperature display, over-temperature and over-pressure alarm, and oxygen content display or control. Additionally, it enables remote monitoring and synchronized alarms through a cloud platform, ensuring the safe operation of the boiler.


Environmentally Friendly:

ZOZEN's boiler utilizes low-nitrogen burners and advanced combustion technology, resulting in significantly reduced NOx emissions (≤30mg/Nm³). This commitment to environmental sustainability helps minimize the impact on the environment.


Experience the excellence of ZOZEN's steam solutions and take your beverage packaging to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive range of boilers tailored to meet your specific requirements. Trust ZOZEN Boiler for reliable, efficient, and certified steam solutions.

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