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Exploring Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heaters in Chemical Industry

Gas-fired thermal oil heaters, manufactured by ZOZEN Boiler, have emerged as game-changers in the chemical industry. With strict temperature requirements in processes like paint refining and resin synthesis, these high-output and energy-efficient boilers play a crucial role in ensuring the performance of paint and coating products. This article highlights three successful implementations of YQL series gas-fired thermal oil heaters in leading chemical enterprises and their contributions to energy conservation, environmental protection, and enhanced productivity.

Huhuang Paint - Enhancing Paint Production with an 8 Million Kcal YQL Series Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heater

Huhuang Paint, a renowned paint manufacturing company, recognized the importance of a reliable and energy-efficient boiler in their production process. After extensive evaluation, they chose ZOZEN Boiler's YQL Series gas-fired thermal oil heater as their heating source. This vertical boiler, fueled by natural gas, offers low-pressure high-temperature heating capabilities with automatic operation and interlocking protection. Its innovative design features a cone-shaped coil, safeguarding the furnace's walls and top burner. The multi-layered and tightly sealed convection section eliminates flue gas shortcuts. Additionally, the boiler incorporates energy-saving devices at the tail, recovering and utilizing waste heat to achieve over 5% higher overall thermal efficiency compared to conventional thermal oil heaters.

山东东方华龙工贸集团有限公司YYQL1500万大卡-服务处 (13)_副本.jpg

15 million Kcal gas-fired thermal oil heaters

Dongfang Hualong Group - Meeting Production Demands with 15 Million Kcal YQL Series Gas-Fired Thermal Oil Heaters

Dongfang Hualong Group, a leading petroleum processing and sales enterprise, embarked on a transformation journey to embrace the principles of green development and circular economy. As part of their equipment upgrade, they sought energy-efficient and environmentally friendly thermal oil heaters. ZOZEN Boiler's reputation for superior quality and their commitment to craftsmanship made them the preferred choice for Dongfang Hualong Group. After understanding their specific requirements, ZOZEN Boiler provided four sets of 15 million Kcal gas-fired thermal oil heaters. These boilers offer fuel flexibility, accommodating natural gas, coal gas, biogas, diesel, light oil, and more. Featuring a three-pass coil design and advanced combustion devices, they achieve NOx emissions below 30mg/m3, ensuring significant environmental benefits. To further improve heat utilization, the boilers are equipped with economizers, air preheaters, or waste heat boilers at the flue's tail, achieving thermal efficiencies of over 95%.

Shandong Guangyue Chemical - Powering Hydrogenation Processes with an 18 Million Kcal YQL Series Thermal Oil Heater

Shandong Guangyue Chemical, a comprehensive petroleum processing and logistics enterprise, embarked on a project to build a 1.6 million tons/year residue hydrogenation and supporting facility. With ZOZEN Boiler's expertise in thermal oil manufacturing, they found the perfect solution for their heat supply needs. Impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of ZOZEN's products, Guangyue Chemical ordered an 18 million Kcal vertical gas-fired thermal oil heater (YQL-21000Q). This model incorporates a multi-loop coil design, ensuring safety, ample heat transfer surface, and thermal efficiency exceeding 95%. Equipped with a low-nitrogen combustion device, it delivers energy savings and environmental benefits.

The successful implementation of YQL Series gas-fired thermal oil heaters in the chemical industry demonstrates their pivotal role in improving productivity, energy efficiency, and environmental performance. ZOZEN Boiler's commitment to product quality and innovation has earned the trust of leading enterprises, driving the transformation and sustainable development of the industry. As the demand for reliable and efficient thermal solutions continues to grow, the YQL Series remains at the forefront, revolutionizing the chemical industry's heating processes.

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