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Coal Thermal Oil Boilers
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    YLW Coal Fired Hot Oil Heater

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YLW series of horizontal, coal-fired, chain grate, thermal oil boiler (also called hot oil boiler, thermal fluid boiler) are used in many industrial applications where efficiency and accurate temperature control between 100-300 are required. They work in the way of heating directly thermal fluid in the pipes with the high temperature smoke. With the help of forced circulation oil pumps, the fluid with high temperature goes into the heat-required equipments, like dryer, and then comes back to the boiler and is re-heated again. The shell plate is made of Q235-A/B steel plate. The outside insulation is aluminium silicate fibrofelt with thickness of 150mm. The boiler is packed by 2mm guard shield. There are two kinds of dust collectors for your choice: cyclone and scrubber. The dust removal efficiency of the first one is up to 95%. While the one of the second one is up to 95% and at the same time SOx and NOx removal efficiency is up to 98%. ZOZEN has many years experience in this field and we can offer a broad range of products, service and support.

Product Manufacture

Ridiant section

Convection section



Hydraulic test


Guard shield



Boiler Features

1. High heat efficiency, unique structure, the heat efficiency can be more than 78%.

2. Furnace radiation area adopts double square shaped coiler and on the top of boiler, we design the ceiling pipes, so that the heat load can be reduced on the surface of pipes and the thermal oil can work more safely.

3. In the end of boiler, we design a heating area with staggered arrangement. That will enhance the heat transfer coefficient and decrease the ash deposit in the boiler.

4. The unique design of furnace arch with our own patent can make the coal burn out fully to enhance the heat efficiency.

5. The convection area is equipped with an all-direction soot blower. This will reduce the difficulty of cleaning ash and prolong the service time.

6. High safety. When abnormal conditions happen, safety interlock system starts up tp protect the boiler system.

7. Accurate temperature control. 

8. The boiler can be equipped with a waste heat boiler in the rear, if users need hot water or steam from the heating system. That makes full use of the exhausted smoke to achieve energy-saving and environmental protection.

Control and Safety System

  •  Fuctions achievement

     - Steady and high temperature is offered and meets the requirements of load;

     - Automatic load regulation is achieved;

     - Safety interlock and feedback protection are achieved in the abnormal conditions;

     - Early warning, alarm, fault display and locking are achieved;

     - Continuous and steady working is achieved;

     - Manual and automatic working can be achieved as customer’s requirement.

  •  Main controls

     - Control the oil pressure at key spots

     - Control the oil temperature at key spots

     - Control the smoke temperature at key spots

  •  Main monitoring points


     - Inlet oil temperature

     - Outlet oil temperature

     - Oil flow rate

     - Inlet oil pressure

     - Outlet oil pressure

     - Oil level in the expansion tank

     - Oil level in the storage tank

  •  Display, alarm and interlock

Detection pointLocationDisplayControlAlarmInterlock
Oil inlet temperatureECC / at site
Oil outlet temperatureECC / at site
Low fluid flow rateECC / at site
Smoke temperatureECC / at site
Working condition of oil pumpECC / at site
Fluid level of expansion tankECC / at site
Temp. of expansion tankECC / at site
Inlet oil pressureECC / at site
Outlet oil pressureECC / At site

Working Principle

With economizer ↑

With air preheater ↑

Oversea Market



Model List




Total Integration goes far beyond boilers.

Efficiency and quality don't end with our boilers. ZOZEN complete integration produces the most efficient boiler solutions in the world. Completely designed, engineered, manufactured, integrated, and serviced by our team, our systems don't have a single outsourced component to jeopardize compatibility or performance. If you are looking for the best-quality boiler systems with the lowest emissions and highest efficiencies, you are looking for Zozen.

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